Submission Guidelines

We are a non-profit platform for freelance storytellers (journalists & photographers), artists & researchers. We write about issues pertaining to marginalized population; Dalits & Adivasis, religious minorities, women and LGBTQ community. We also give space to an art form which is dedicated towards the progressive ideals.

Type of content we publish:  Opinion pieces, analytical features, news stories, photo-essays, academic articles, film reviews and all such interdisciplinary writings which aim to promote a progressive idea. We accept all such submissions.

Language of submission: You can submit your submissions in any language known to human race. In fact, the submissions in languages other than Hindi and English would be delightfully entertained by our Editorial Team.

Guidelines for submission: Authors/writers/researchers/photographers/journalists and artists are requested to preferably send in previously unpublished works. Only in some cases depending upon the intensity and exclusiveness of the content, we accept previously published works. The decision to accept/reject such works rests solely with the editor.

Type of Submission Minimum Words/photographs Maximum Words/photographs Other Specification
Article/Opinion Piece/Film Review 600 words 1000 words Should be objective
Analytic Feature/Interdisciplinary article 1000 words 1500 words  
Academic Article (On films or photography) 1000 words 2000 words  
News Story 500 words 700 words Should have an exclusive Photograph
Photo-essay 10 photos 15 photos Should contain text of 150-200 words

  The submission should be accompanied by 3-4 lines bio of the author. Attach a photo related to the content, if not suggest a photo idea to go with it.

Submissions are not paid!  We do not pay for any write up that we carry. Mimaansa is not a profit earning firm that could pay you. Moreover, we’re licensed under Creative Commons, which enables sharing and reuse of creativity and knowledge through the provision of free legal tools.

Where to send Submissions?  Submissions should be emailed to If you have any queries, please write to us at We read all emails and try to reply to each and every mail. Still if you don’t hear from us, please drop in another mail.